Scavenger Hunt

Use the clues to discover some Connecticut history in the Museum!
Begin in Memorial Hall. (Where all the Governors and 1 King “Hang Out.”)

Memorial Hall

1. The are 73 of us. A new one is elected every four years. Who are we?

2. Inside the trunk of an Oak tree this very important document was hidden from the King! It is the
____________________of 1662.

Go to the Colt Collections exhibit.

3. Look up! Once I towered over the Colt Factory. I am the Rampant ___________________


Go to the Connecticut Collections Exhibit.

4. One of the most famous pigs in the world! Here she is on what would become a Connecticut
made lunchbox. She is ____________Piggy.

5. Before computers, people often used these Connecticut made
_______________________________to “write” letters.

6. Look for the signature of John Hancock on Connecticut’s copy of the Declaration of

7. Turn around and find a campaign button and hat for our first woman Governor! “Are You An

8. Look for this bird on buckles, flags, buttons and more. A symbol of America, it is the


The most powerful machine in the Museum. It is a ______________________Booth.

[PDF] Scavenger Hunt to download and print. | [PDF] Scavenger Hunt Answers to download and print.