Scavenger Hunt

Use the clues to discover some Connecticut history!

Begin in Memorial Hall (where all the governors “hang out”)

Memorial Hall

1.       There are 71 of us here. Who are we?______________________________________

2. Inside the trunk a very important piece of paper was hidden. It’s also Connecticut’s most famous tree. It is the ___________________________Oak.

Go to the “Connecticut Collections”


3.  Under the bell are two of the most important documents in American history. The______________________________of the United States and the _____________________________of Independence.

4.  She was Connecticut’s first female Governor. (Hint: her name can be found on a white hat in the exhibit) ______________________________________


5.  Look for this bird on buckles, buttons, flags and papers that

soldiers carry; it is also a symbol of America. ___________________________


6.  Connecticut soldiers used these to carry water with them, there are two in this part of the exhibit.________________________________________

Connecticut Industry

7.  Before computers people often used these to write letters.____________________________

8.  She’s one of the most famous pigs in the world and she appeared on some Connecticut made lunch boxes._______________________________

Go to the “Colt Collection”

9.  I worked for Sam Colt as a designer, inventor and engineer. Here I have my own glass case and plaque. I am Elisha K. _________________.

10.  Standing on three legs, a crank has to be turned to make this gun fire.




This is the most powerful machine in the exhibit. (Hint: you have to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen to use it)_________________________

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