William Alfred Buckingham

Governor of Connecticut, 1858-1866 Born: May 28, 1804, Lebanon, Connecticut College: None Political Party: Whig; Republican Offices: Mayor, Norwich, Connecticut, 1849, 1850, 1856, 1857 Governor of Connecticut, 1858-1866 U.S. Senate, 1869-1875 Died: February 5, 1875, Norwich, Connecticut The Buckingham family had been in Connecticut several generations by the time William A. Buckingham was born on May 28, 1804 in Lebanon, Connecticut. Thomas Buckingham, the first of the family in America, helped to settle the New Haven Colony in 1638. One of his sons, also named Thomas, was ordained pastor at the Congregational Church in Saybrook. It was here that Samuel Buckingham, William’s father, … Continue reading William Alfred Buckingham